The Fiend

The Fiend is a British Film made in 1972. The film is set against a background of religious fanaticism and, as with other films directed by Hartford-Davis, also includes elements of the sexploitation genre of the early 1970s.

It was an early 'stalk and slash' film, set in and around the seedier parts of South London. A serial killer who works as a security guard is murdering prostitutes, whilst being protected by his barmy mother who's a religious fanatic. As is usual in this kind of film, the Police are baffled. Madeline plays District Nurse Brigitte Lynch, who begins to suspect that something is up when she starts visiting the mother during the course of her duties. She and her sister, a reporter, decide to investigate. Unfortunately, my tape ran out before the end, so I don't know if they managed to catch the killer. Did anyone out there see the ending?

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