Not So Much A Training

Not So Much A Training, More a Way of Life is a nurse recruitment film. Made by the British Film Institute for the Royal London Hospital in 1967

The film follows an old Granny, who's been sent to the Royal London by the District Nurse. We see her taken to the ward and examined by various doctors. It looks serious. Meanwhile, a Student Nurse gets dressed for duty and we see her and her colleagues being shown by by the Sister the correct way of sticking needles into oranges. At the same time, Granny's going under the knife and afterwards she gets all sorts of thing done to her as she recovers. Not surprisingly, she makes a full recovery and is well enough to have a natter with her blue-rinsed friends from the Bingo on visiting day. At the end, she's helped to the ambulance home by two nurses, all the while praising the virtues of the NHS.(Words from Kevin)

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