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General pages

Page nameDescription of page
Articles Various old articles about hospitals, nurse's uniforms and more..
Everything Else Parts of nurse uniforms, graduation, protesting nurses and more..
Nupp Remake A remake of the old Nurse Uniforms - Past and Present website.
Nurses In Fashion Picture of fasion models in nurse uniforms.
Nurses In Hospitals Pictrue of nurses photographed in hospitals.
Nurses In The Media Pictures of nurses in books, on the news and on the internet.
Nurses On The Tv Pictures of actresses in nurse uniforms featured tv-shows, films and soaps.
Nursing Professions Pictures of nurses in various professions like army nurse or vad nurse...
Search For Images Search pictures on this site with various methods.

Nurses in fashion

Page nameDescription of page
Alexandra Workwear British uniform manufacturer from the 60s till today.
Ap-ron Japanese nurse uniform manufacturer.
Barco Manufacturer from the USA.
Boyd-cooper British uniform manufacturer from the 80s till today.
Budget Uniform USA uniform manufacturer.
Cloister Uniforms British uniform manufacturer from the 90s till today.
Collection Of Catalogs Collected pictures from various manufacturers.
Graham Gardner New styles from the United Kingdom.
John Maden British uniform manufacturer founded in 1837.
Lemoir A Japanese manufacturer.
Miller Rayner Danco British uniform manufacturer from the 80s.
Mont Blanc Japanese uniform manufacturer.
Nagai Leben Japanese nurse uniform manufacturer.
Na-su Japanese nurse uniform manufacturer.
Sanlusy Chinese nurse uniform manufacturer.
Unknown Manufacturers Collected pictures of unknown manufacturers.
Whisel Japanese nurse uniform manufacturer.
Work In Style British uniform manufacturer.

Nurses in hospitals

Page nameDescription of page
Addenbrooke's Hospital Hospital in Cambridge, United Kingdom.
Brighton Hospital Hospital in Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom
Charing Cross Hospital Hospital in Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom
Collection Of Hospitals Pictures from several hospitals in the world.
East Central Technical College Hospital in the USA
Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital Hospital in Camden, London, United Kingdom
Guy's Hospital Hospital in Southwark, London, United Kingdom
King's College Hospital Hospital in Camberwell, London, United Kingdom
Manchester Royal Infirmary Hospital in Manchester, United Kingdom
Marquette University USA
Middlesex Hospital Hospital in Fitzrovia, London, United Kingdom
Moorfields Eye Hospital Hospital in St. Luke's, London, United Kingdom
Oldham School Of Nursing United Kingdom
Poole Hospital Hospital in Dorset, United Kingdom,
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Hong Kong
Queen Mary Hospital Hong Kong
Royal London Hospital Hospital in Whitechapel, London, United Kingdom
Royal Marsden Hospital Hospital in Chelsea, London, United Kingdom
Ruttonjee Hospital Hong Kong
Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion United Kingdom
St. Bart's Hospital Hospital in London, United Kingdom.
St. Edward's Hospital Former hospital in Cheddleton, United Kingdom
St. Mary's Hospital Hospital in Paddington, London, United Kingdom
St. Thomas Hospital Hospital in Lambeth, London, United Kingdom.
Turino School Of Nursing Hospital in Italy
Unknown Hospitals Collected pictures of unknown hospitals.
Westminster Hospital Former hospital in London, United Kingdom

Nurses in the media

Page nameDescription of page
Advertising Nurses who want to advertise things.
Book Covers Nurses in book, magazine and record covers.
Collection Of Media Collected pictures from various media.
Internet Stock images
News Nurses appearing on the British news
Nurse Recruitment Pictures of nurses who are recruiting for companies.
Nursing Times A weekly magazine for nurses
People Who Help Us - The Nurse A weekly magazine for nurses
Private Healthcare Media Ads or images for private healthcare companies
RCN's Nursing Update RCN's nursing update

Nursing professions

Page nameDescription of page
Airforce Nurse Pictures of nurses from the airforce
Army Nurse Army nurses or US army nurses or QARANC's.
Cadet Nurse Pictures of cadet nurses in the UK and USA
Care Home Nurse Pics of care home nurses in UK.
Children's Nurse Pictures of children's nurses, nanny's or nursery nurses.
Civil Nurse Pictures of civil nurses
Clinic Nurse Clinic nurses in Japan.
Collection Of Professions Pictures of nurses in different nurse professions
Dental Assistant Dental Assistant from Japan.
Dental Hygienist Pictures from dental hygienists
Dental Nurse It's all about dental nurses in Japan and Great-Britain.
District Nurse Pictures about district nurses.
Hospice Nurse Hospice nurses
Marie Curie Nurse Marie Curie nurses in the UK.
Matron Matrons in the UK and the rest of the world.
Midwife Midwives through the world and time.
Naval Nurse Naval nurses in Great-Britain: QARNNS's or in Australia: RANNS.
Nurse Pictures of nurses
Practice Nurse Pictures of the practice nurse
Practicum Student Practicum students from Hong Kong.
Private Sector Nurse Nurses working in the private sector in the UK.
Receptionist Pics of receptionist in some countries.
Red Cross Nurse Red cross nurses around the world.
Registered Nurse Pictures from (state) registered nurses from UK, USA and Hong Kong.
Sister Pictures of sisters, supervisors of a hospital ward.
Staff Nurse Pictures about staff nurses
State Enrolled Nurse In the UK
Student Nurse Students who presenting themselves, or studying hard.
Temporary Undergraduate Nurse Pictures of this type of student nurse of Hong Kong
Veterinary Nurse Veterinary nurses in Great-Brittain.
Voluntary Nurse From several countries.

Nurses on the tv

Page nameDescription of page
Alfie British film of 1966.
Angels British medical drama of 1975-1983.
A Stitch In Time British film of 1963.
Blue Peter British kids show from 1958 till present.
Carry On Again Doctor British film of 1969.
Carry On Behind British film of 1975.
Carry On Doctor British film of 1967.
Carry On Matron British film of 1972.
Carry On Nurse British film of 1959.
Carry On Regardless British film of 1961.
Casualty British Soap from 1986 to the present.
Children's Hospital Australian series of 1998-1999.
City Hospital British series of 1997-2007.
Collection Of Television Series Pictures from various tv shows, films and soaps.
Department S British tv series of 1969-1970.
Doctor In Charge British tv series of 1972-1973.
Doctor In Clover British film of 1966.
Doctor In Distress British film of 1963.
Doctor In The House British film of 1954.
Dream Sisters German film of 1992.
Emergency! American tv series of 1972-1977.
Emergency Call British film of 1952, UK.
Emergency Ward 10 British medical drama soap of 1957-1967.
Heartbeat British tv series of 1992-2010.
Just Another Day British documentary of 1985.
Leave It To The Nurses Japanese medical soap of 1996-2002.
Life In Emergency Ward 10 British film from 1959.
Life On Mars British tv series of 2006-2007.
Longitude British tv drama series of 2000.
My Family British tv series 2000-2011.
Not So Much A Training British film of 1967.
Nurse On Wheels British film of 1963.
On The Buses British tv series of 1969-1975.
Prisoner Cell Block H Australian soap drama of 1979-1986.
Rosie Dixon - Night Nurse British film of 1978.
Scene British tv series of 1968-2002.
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em British tv series of 1973-1978.
The Avengers British tv series of 1961-1969.
The Fiend British film of 1972.
The National Health British dark comedy of 1973.
The Royal British tv series of 2003-2011.
The Saint British series 1962-1969
The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole British tv series of 1985
The Singing Detective British tv series of 1986.
The Student Nurses American film of 1970.
The Young Doctors Australian tv series of 1976-1983.
TLC British tv series of 2002.
Town On Trial British film of 1957.
Twice Round The Daffodils British film of 1962.
Unknown Series Pictures from various unknown tv shows, films or soaps.

Everything else

Page nameDescription of page
Christmas Celebration Pictures of nurses celebrating Xmas
Graduation Ceremony Pictures of graduation ceremonies.
Graduation Photo's Nurses after graduation wear roses or hold bouquets.
Masks And Gowns About nurses wearing masks and gowns.
Nurse's Cap Nurses wearing nursing caps.
Nurse's Uniform Examples of nurse uniform styles in Australia, UK and USA
Nurse Group Portraits Pictures of nurses in groups.
Nurse Portraits Pictures of nurses.
Nurse's Relaxing Nurses who are relaxing in their uniform.
Nurse Training Students who's get their lessons in nursing.
Prize Winning Nurses Proud students who studied hard and received an award.
Protesting Nurses Nurses who are protesting against the system.
Reenactment Nurse Pictures of Re-enactors playing nurses in WW1 or WW2.
The National Uniform Dress Everything about the national uniform
The Newcastle Uniform Dress Everything about the newcastle uniform.


Page nameDescription of page
Guy's Hospital Memories Memories of various nurses in the UK.
King's College Hospital Memories Memories of this hospital in the UK by Sarah
Letters Page Written letters by various visitors of the old website
London Hospital Memories Memories and thoughts by Miriam
Martha's Perspective On Nurse Uniforms A letter from Marta
Nurse's Uniform Suppliers In Italy A composed list of Nurse uniforms manufacturers in Italy by Duncan
Nurse's Uniform Suppliers In The Uk A composed list of Nurse uniforms manufacturers in the UK by Kevin
Nurse 'S' Thoughts Of All Things Uniform Interview between Nurse S and Dr.Phil
Nurse Training In 1980s Usa Written by Sherry
Nursing In The Netherlands About the Nurse uniform in the Netherlands by Susan
Paradise Lost Or Paradise Regained A discussion about dresses vs uniforms.
Rebecca's Letter A letter from Rebbeca
St. George's Hospital Memories Written by Sarah and Margaret
The National Uniform Article by Sarah.
The Newcastle Uniform - A Construction Another gem by Penny
The Newcastle Dress Written by Penny and additions by Kevin
The White Dress Written by Bob the Corgi
Timeline Of Nurse Uniforms Article by Phil Harwood
Words Of Wisdom Kevin's explanation of the cataloguing system