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Angels was the one of the first medical soaps to concentrate more or less exclusively on the nurses rather than the doctors, and is now seen as the direct predecessor to shows such as Casualty and Holby City. The series ran from 1975 to 1983, and gave leading roles to a number of young actresses such as Fiona Fullerton, Lesley Dunlop, Julie Dawn Cole and in later episodes, Pauline Quirke, at a time when strong female roles were rare. The show was much grittier than any medical drama that had gone before, and reflected the fact that Britian, especially London, was indeed a multi-cultural society by featuring Asian and Afro-Caribbean actresses in leading roles at a time when the vast majority of faces seen on TV were white, middle-class and male.

The series was devised by Paula Milne, a former Coronation Street scriptwriter, who wanted to show nurses as real people rather than as the sweet-faced Ministering Angels of Mercy which had been more or less the norm with medical dramas up until then. Set in the fictional St.Angela's Hospital in Battersea, we saw the stress and strain of the job taking its toll on the staff, their families, social lives and even their own health. It wasn't afraid to tackle harder issues such as racism and bullying in the workplace, either.

The pictures on this site come from episodes which were originally broadcast from 1976 to 1980; but were repeated on the UK Gold cable channel early in 2000. Special thanks go to Paul who took the 1978-1980 vidcaps and supplied much of the character bios, and to Graeme who has contributed a number of pictures (prefixed with the letter G) to the 1976-1977 galleries.

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