People Who Help Us - The Nurse

People Who Help Us - The Nurse is a kids book by Ladybird made in 1983. It was part of a series of books called 'People Who Help Us' like: the police force, the fire service, the postal service and the nurse. If ever you have visited or been admitted to a hospital you will have seen the many dedicated men and women who are nurses, at work. There are also many other types of nurses working in the community; This book written in simple language for young children and illustrated with full colour photographs, specially taken for the book, describes the working lives of nurses and takes children behind the scenes. (Quote from the book)

The dresses shown here look identical to the National dress. But are made from a plain material rather than the distinctive check used in the more common versions. What's clearly shown here is the use of different coloured belts, epaulettes and cap bands to denote rank and grade.

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