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What is this website and what's not

A revision of Nurse Uniforms - Past and Present is a source on the internet about the history of Nurse uniforms in the UK but also in other countries. The content consist of pictures of Nurses, but also of models from Nurse Uniform Manufacturers and actresses that play nurse on the TV.

The pictures on this site came from the collection of the website Kevin Dycken. He had a website http://dyk.homestead.com from 1999 till 2018. The pictures are collected by me (Usermaatra0069) and sorted out in galleries.

The site is a long term project since 2007 and still worked on. Updates on this site appear monthly, except in the spring/summer, because it is too nice weather. Its goal is to add all the pictures from Kevin Dycken's collection, to sort it and to present it nicely. So that the history of the Nurse Uniform can be preserved.

This site is not meant to be a source for pornographic content, crossdressing or other sources that might damage the view of Nurse profession.


Copying or sharing the pictures

The images on this site are allowed to copy or to share on the web. In my belief that's what the internet is all about, content must be free.

If you want to use the pictures from this site (link, copy, sharing) to other projects, please mention the website address and my name, Usermaatra0069 or Kevin Dycken, that is the only thing I want.



Some statistics per 1 November 2020


History of the website

In 2003, I discovered the site http://dyk.homestead.com or Nurse Uniforms - Past & Present. I found the topic of the site very interesting because I am interested in history (Ancient Egypt, Greek, Rome, middle ages, but also recent history). All those images sorted in a cataloguing system and all those pages (from 1 till 500). Each month there was a new page with new content. I started with saving the images on my pc. In that time (2003) I had a 65K modem and internet was slow compare to today's time. I couldn't be that long on the internet, because every minute costs money. There was not a search system so many minutes searched on theses pages.

In 2004 I made a simple site with FrontPage Express. I found that software on a free cd from an ISP. I published on my Wanadoo website. But I was not happy with it because it was ugly, greyish website.

In 2005 till 2007, I made a site based on XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.1 according to the standards of the W3C. The website was static, pictures sorted and no search system. I was happy with the result but it could be better. I published on http://www.geocities.com/sjenoe.


In 2008, I published my static HTML site on http://nupp.atspace.com.

In 2009 I was experimenting with openoffice.org base program and made a database with pictures in it. It was a hard time to create a good database format. But I couldn't connect it to my site. And.. that database was slow.


In 2011, I moved my site from atspace.com to a new site called http://oesermaatra0069.hostoi.com, a site that supported PHP. I made a begin screen where you can choose the old static HTML site and the new PHP site. In the new version, I worked with PHP, MYSQL, XHTML and CSS2.1.

In 2012, I recreated the site in Object-Oriented Programming classes.


In 2015, I made a site with mobile support. So that the site can be viewed on multiple platforms. Added a sitemap page.

In 2017, I moved my site from the hostoi.com site to my current location http://revision-of-nurse-uniforms.eu. Because Hoistoi was closing my free site.


In 2018, added the old dycken's site (Nurse Uniforms - Past and Present) to my site. Because the website was taken offline. Kevin said he was saving his pennies which is understandable.

In 2019, I added also the articles section to my site.

In 2020, I am now using: PHP with OOP classes on PDO basis. CSS2.1 and XHTML.

Thanks and credits

First of all, I would like to thanks Kevin Dycken. Because of his collection, his setup, his catalogue system (you now: ad, cat, real, tv etc.). He was so generous to share his collection with me and to do the things I wanted to do with it.

Second a big thanks to the community that provided the images and articles.

I made this site with the use of: