The Student Nurses

Four beautiful young students in their last year of nursing school work hard on their bedside manner to satisfy their patients' every need. They also find time to encounter several hot 1970 issues, such as abortion and protests. Roger Corman executive produced this sensitively sexy romp, which was written by Don Spencer, who also wrote the Corman-produced THE BIG DOLL HOUSE.

The first in producer Roger Corman's quintet of "Nurse" movies, this exploitation outing, despite its meagre $120,000 budget, is surprisingly good as it chronicles the romantic and professional travails of a group of nurses. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide.

"Shortly after founding New World Pictures, I set out to create some films featuring strong women as the leads. Many films of that day cast actresses primarily as supporting girlfriends or wives. With the Nurses' films, the idea was to have a few female characters, with their own interweaving stories, combining drama, comedy, romance and adventure. The first film, The Student Nurses, was so successful, that it led to four more sequels."
-Roger Corman

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