This site is dedicated to those hardworking and underpaid Angels of Mercy who, over the years, have made a stay in hospital that much more bearable. It's a growing collection of images of Nurses taken from Film, TV and The Media from the 1930s to the present, showing how uniform styles have changed over the years.

The Nursing profession has a long and glorious uniform tradition, which is daily being eroded by more and more Hospitals and NHS Trusts dressing their Nurses in polo shirts and scrubs, often leading to Nurses becoming indistinguishable from cleaners and domestic staff. I find this a tragedy, as a traditional uniform is smart, enables the Nurse to be easily identified by patients and public and gives the Nurse a certain dignity that you just cannot get from a polo shirt.

I intend to update this site on a regular basis. If you have any images of Nurses, or photos of yourself (if female) or your wife or girlfriend in uniform that you'd like to see here, then send them to me and I'll put them in. I'm not interested in pornographic images, 'Naughty Nurses' or cross-dressers, only those showing these dedicated women in the uniforms of their profession.

Also, if there are any retired Nurses out there who would like to share their memories of their days in the profession, please get in touch.


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Nurses Uniforms - Past & Present is a non-profit making internet resource created for the sole purpose of keeping a record of these fast-disappearing styles. All the pictures on this site have either been sent to me or taken from the public domain. If anyone has an objection to any pictures appearing, please let me know. I do not deal in Nursing Uniforms, accessories or memorabilia.