Angels characters in 1975-1977

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Information from Angels Annual 1977

Pat Rutherford, aged 22, has no trouble seeing herself as upper middle-class. She comes from Bath, and following a year doing absolutely nothing after leaving a private college, found herself entering St.Angela's after she found that she'd left it too late to apply for Teacher Training College. She is assured and articulate, full of good intentions; but her superiors, especially her tutors, feel that she is just 'playing' with nursing, and isn't genuinely dedicated to the profession.

Pat was played by Fiona Fullerton, who found international fame as a Bond Girl after she left the series. She's since become a familiar face on stage, screen and TV.


Information from Angels Annual 1977

Jo Longhurst is a pretty, charming, friendly and confident 21 year-old Londoner. Her outgoing nature often puts her in conflict with hospital discipline, and she tends to talk too much to patients, their visitors and the medical staff. Despite the efforts of her superiors and tutors to make her keep a distance between herself and her patients who think a lot of her - Jo continually gets involved with their problems. Jo might be ambitious; but her impulsive nature means that she will probably never get beyond Staff Nurse.

Jo was played by Julie Dawn Cole, one of the original Willie Wonka kids, and after leaving the series went on to shock the nation by bearing her bum in Poldark.


Information from Angels Annual 1977

Maureen Morahan is 18 and from Ireland. One of a large, working-class family, she has come to London to get away from family restrictions. Friendly and relaxed, she is able to enjoy spontaneous relationships with patients. Maureen always wanted to be a nurse, throughout her childhood she shared domestic tasks and took responsibility for her younger siblings.

Maureen was played by Erin Geraghty.


Ruth Fullman is 20, a plain-speaking Northern lass from Leeds. She's quick-witted; but can be a bit sharp-tongued on occasions. Nevertheless, she's an efficient nurse who maintains a balanced, caring relationship with her patients. Ruth is a keen Union member, and is particularly vocal on the subject of nurses' pay.

Ruth was played by Lesley Dunlop, who's probably best remembered for the long-running comedy series May to December. But 30 years on, she's back to playing a Nurse, Sister Anna Kirkwall in Where the Heart Is.


Sita Patel, 22, comes from an Asian family who were kicked out of Uganda in 1972 by the then-dictator Idi Amin, which gives the series a historical perspective. She had planned to open a hairdresser's salon in Uganda with money from her father; but was forced to change her plans. Once in England, looking for a job, Sita discovered there was a shortage of nurses, so moved to London to start at St. Angela's. She's a sensitive girl and a keen nurse, throwing herself into her studies as it is the one thing in her life which gives her a sense of security.

Sita was played by Karan David.


Shirley Brent, 23, is a Staff Nurse at St. Angela's. She did her training at another hospital; but failed her finals and moved to St. Angela's rather than face the humiliation of re-sitting them at her old hospital. She's totally absorbed in nursing, unintentionally annoying fellow staff by her seriousness. She's a rather plain, lonely person living on her own in a bed-sit, never having had much of a social life. In fact she's just the sort of girl who will quickly rise in the profession, no doubt a future matron.

Shirley was played by Clare Clifford.


Sandra Ling is a 21 year-old Staff Nurse from the North of England. She's blunt and outspoken with an apparently brusque manner; but most of this, however, is a front. She is, in fact, a very capable and caring nurse. She's very friendly with Ruth, sharing her interest in the Union.

There aren't that many pictures of Sandra in uniform, as most of the episodes I've seen have her in civvies working as an Occupational Health Nurse at a local factory. But as she was briefly in the 78-80 series, I've combined the pictures from both series into the one gallery.

Sandra was played by Angela Bruce. Here is a usefull link, a BBC interview with Angela Bruce.


The Ice Queen of Intensive Care, Sister Ashton rules her domain with a rod of iron, rarely ever smiling and insisting that her staff keep a professional detatchment to the patients in ICU and their visitors. This does nothing to endear her to those she works with, Sandra and Pat especially. But despite outward appearances, she' s quite a nice person really. It turned out that she had once gotten involved with a patient who eventually died, and was in such a state afterwards that she resolved never to put herself into that position again, hence the Ice Maiden was born. Not one of the regular characters, Sister Ashton was played by Marcia King.

Another semi-regular character, Sister Young was in charge of one of the general wards, and is everything Sister Ashton isn't - cheerful, kind, friendly and compassionate. Popular with the nurses, and very supportive of Jo when she friefly took on Staff Nurse duties. This doesn't mean that she's a softy as she can be firm if needs be. Sister Young was played by Nadia Cattouse.