Jeanette Sterke

A Stitch In Time was made in 1963 and starred English comedian Norman Wisdom, who was then at the height of his popularity. He played his trademark 'Downtrodden Proletariat' character and, for most of the film, Norman causes havoc at his local hospital. He runs about, befriends an orphan, falls over, is mistaken for a Doctor and a patient, runs about a bit more, falls over again, upsets the visiting dignitaries, shouts Mr Grimsdale a lot and dresses up as a nurse. It's wierd, all this early '60s cross-dressing - it featured in the Carry Ons as well. Who was it that said 'The Past is a Different Country?' Anyway, being set mainly in a hospital, there were plenty of Nurses on hand, coping magnificently despite the chaos going on all around them.