Nupp introduction

From 1999 to 29 June 2018 the website Nurse Uniforms - Past and Present was online. It was located at It was made by Kev from the United Kingdom.


The website has dozens of pages filled with pictures of people in nurses uniforms. These are mostly nurses, but could be also actors or fashion models. Each image is shown from what year it is and from which country or people depicted on them. The pages where the images are numbered from 1 to 500 (and growing). There are also special pages about actresses like Shirley Eaton and articles on nurses who talk about the past.

It contains several parts: the gateway page (the index page), portal page (with galleries, articles and links), pictures pages (from 1 till 450) and st. angela's; devoted to the series st. Angela's or Angels. The design was from the beginning of the internet, it was not uniform, but it had nice green and blue backgrounds. It was this website that inspires me to begin my own website to sort the pictures out.

Because I loved the design, content, the pictures and the colours of 'Nurse Uniforms - Past and Present', I decided to create a remake of the website. It is designed as a copy of the original but mobile friendly. It shares the same database as the rest of the database.