Collection of hospitals

On these pages you see nurses working or photographed in hospitals. It's a collection of several hospitals in Great-Brittain and the rest of the world. The pictures are sorted by series and year.

This page shows the following hospitals: Aberdeen maternity hospital, Angelsey General hospital, Barnet General hospital, Bedfort hospital, Bellhill Maternity hsopital, Welsh blood transfusion service, Brighton hospital, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Cambridge Military hospital, Castle Peak Psychiatric hospital, Charing Cross hospital, Chicago General hospital, Chiltern BMI hospital, Christie Hospital, Colombia College of nursing, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Florissant Valley Community hospital, Frimley Park Hospital, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Halifax School of nursing, Hammersmith hospital, Harefield hospital, Hartfield hospital, Heatherwood hospital, Hillington hospital, James Paget hospital, John Radcliffe hospital, Killsyth general hospital, Kingston hospital, Kings college hospital, Kobe Medical Centre, L'ecole Florence Nightingale, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Lennington Spa, Lewisham hospital, Liverpool Royal Infirmary, Medway hospital, National Tb research centre, Norfolk and Norwich hospital, North Tynside General hospital, Nottingham General hospital, Nuffield hospital, Othake Clinic, Paramatta hospital for the insane, Plymouth hospital, Poole hospital, Princess Mary hospital, Queen Mary's hospital, Radcliffe infirmary, Royal Adelaide hospital, Royal Ear hospital, Royal Eye hospital, Royal Free hospital, Royal Masonic hospital, Royal Shrewsbury hospital, Royal Surry hospital, Sefton General hospital, Selly Oak hospital, Sheffield Children's hospital, Sheffield General hospital, Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion, Southampton General hospital, St. Peter's hospital, St. George hospital, St. Helens hospital, St. Mary's hospital, Sydney Eye hospital, Tadworth Children's hospital, Lister hospital, Trowbridge hospital, University Centre Cornwall, University college hospital, University of Bristol, University of Virginia Medical School, Watford General hospital, Westminster hospital, Whipps Cross hospital, Whittington hospital, Winchester School of Nursing, Woolwich hospital, Wythenshawe hospital and Yale School of Nursing

Last update October 2015

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