This website is a long-term project to provide a free online source on the internet with images of people in nurses uniforms. These people are mostly nurses but could also be fashion models or actors appearing on the tv.

This site has approximately 8,000 images (and growing) of people in nurse uniforms. The images came from Great Britain, USA, Japan and Hong Kong and more other countries.For more information, see About this website


The website is divided in categories with several galleries in it. Click on a catagory to continue.

What's new on this site?

August 2018

  • Added the pages: 391 (31 images), 392 (32 images), 393 (28 images), 394 (26 images), 395 (33 images), 396 (27 images), 397 (36 images), 398 (35 images), 399 (32 images) and 400 (24 images).
  • I am busy with a remake of the old NUPP site (including stangelas). It will be an impression how the old site looked like, including the pages with images. I am also busy to integrate the old articles section on this site, it contains information that need to be preserved.
  • Updated the layout of the pages. The main color is now white and the texts are always black. The view of the categories (like "Nurses in advertising") has been updated as wel as pictures in galleries.
  • A little start was made with the texts and links on the television pages.
  • Removed the old not existing pictures. These pictures I couldn't grab from the internet so they are lost and it is not useful on my website. In my database those images are marked so I can get a list from them. Maybe on a dark cold winters day I will publish the list and hopefully someone has the missing pictures.

Juli 2018, part two

  • Good news :) ! I manage to retrieve the images from pages 351 till page 370. Not all of them, but some. A big thanks to the wayback machine and google, bing, yahoo and other search engines and a huge thanks for Kevin to share backup images.
  • Added the pages: 371 (42 images), 372 (35 images), 373 (38 images), 374 (35 images), 375 (32 images), 376 (35 images), 377 (38 images), 378 (33 images), 379 (29 images), 380 (26 images).
  • Added the galleries: Na-su, Sanlusy, Brighton Hospital, St. Edwards Hospital, Clinic nurse, Marie Curie nurse, Practicum student, Private Sector Nurse and Voluntary nurse.
  • My future plans are: indexing pages 381 till 390, then 391 till 400, etc. It is a lot of work. I made a php script to extract the images from a html file and to make a sql insert query. So.. it is not that much of work, but searching the images it is..
  • Added the pages: 381 (25 images), 382 (20 images), 383 (34 images), 385 (34 images), 386 (41 images), 387 (24 images), 388 (31 images), 389 (34 images), 390 (31 images).
  • I removed the references to the old NUPP website in the texts. Those pages are dead.

Juli 2018, part one

  • Sad news. The website Nurses uniforms - past and present or NUPP has been taken off. Lets face it. It was a project which was alive from 1999 till 29 june 2018. Sadly I didn't make backups from these wonderful pages and pictures. So you may notice some pictures not appear. It's sad but true, there is nothing that I can do to make these appear. Most of the pictures are retrieved with the wayback machine from the internet archive and with google, bing and yahoo search engine. But not everything.
  • I am going to focus to take back the missing images from pages 358 till 370. Then I am going to look after some not yet indexed pages till 450. With google's cache or with the wayback machine. it will be a slow process. But better having something than nothing.

May 2018

  • Added pages: 361 (30 images), 362 (46 images), 363 (36 images), 364 (36 images), 365 (42 images), 366 (48 images), 367 (42 images), 368 (37 images), 369 (45 images) and 370 (23 images).
  • Changed the style from the picture pages. if you click on a picture another page will open with an image in it. These images were too small to view, so I made them larger.
  • A bug in the media, profession, else pages. In the picture pages of this section the link was not displayed. Corrected.
  • Merged Militairy nurse with Army nurse. Merged Nursing sisters with Army nurse

April 2018

  • Reviewed and renamed all the Hospital-related pages.
  • Trimmed down the Unknown hospitals-page.
  • Made a new page called: Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion.
  • New php class created for the navigation on several pages.
  • Renamed a few pages (for example: advertising.php to nurses-in-advertising.php).
  • Updated the search page.

January 2018

  • Merged Costume City with Nagai Leben because they used to be the same company.
  • Renamed Graeme Gardner to Graham Gardner, because this is the real name of the company.
  • Improved the galleries in the 'nurses in fashion' section. Some of the texts were double, other text were not clear. Thanks to the help of Kevins photobooks at flickr.

December 2017

July 2017

  • New responsive menu system
  • New logo
  • Removed the breadcrum things
  • Improved the galleries in presenting the images. This effects the images on the category pages as well as the images in the galleries

June 2017

  • Updated text and links on the subpages from the fashion/catalogs page
  • Several pictures appeared into the Collection of Catalogue page but these are hospital-related pictures. Corrected.
  • The pictures in the page Collection of Catalogues has now a different sorting then the other pages. This is a new feature for also other collection-pages. The default sorting was on country, serie and then year. Now it's only on series and year.

May 2017

  • Due the fact that hostoi.com or 00webhost.com don't support my website any more I had to move it to this place.
  • The Search-page is ready
  • The Everything-else page is ready.
  • The Advertising page is ready.
  • Working on the fasion/catalogs page and subpages.