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The site: Nurse Uniforms - Past and Present has many pictures of models who selling a product to the audience. These images are featured here and in the categories.

AD Images of Nurses as used in Advertisements
Nurses have been used in Advertisements for years, now. It's probably to do with their caring, trustworthy Male Fantasy Figure image. Initially, they were used exclusively in selling Healthcare products, but now they're appearing in adverts for many other products. Online Charities and Hospitals also, for obvious reasons, use Nurses in their brochures.
In the 1970s, there was an aftershave called Hai Karate, the advert's premise being that a man wearing it would be irresistible to women. Several adverts followed, where the main character, an ordinary-looking bloke, would be chased by hordes of beautiful women, always led by the same dark-haired beauty. One of these adverts was set in a hospital, and, of course, the hero was pursued by Carry On starlet Valerie Leon dressed as a nurse. Terribly sexist, I know, but I bought a bottle of the stuff, even though at that time I was only shaving once or twice per week and it stung like Hell. Needless to say, I was not instantly attractive to women. You can find scans from this advert on Page 101.
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