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About Nurse Uniforms - Past and Present

I find Nurse Uniforms - past and present quite an interesting website. It was founded in 1999 and maintained until today. Each month a page with images of people in nurses uniforms. The creator of the website is Kevin.


The website has dozens of pages filled with pictures of people in nurses uniforms. These are mostly nurses, but could be also actors or fashion models. Each image is shown from what year it is and from which country or people depicted on them. The pages where the images are numbered from 1 to 500 (and growing). There are also special pages about actresses like Shirley Eaton and articles on nurses who talk about the past.

Identification codes

Each picture has a code and a number, like AD100. These codes ('ad', 'cat') are abbreviations for words. It's a system what I like because it gives structure to the matter. You can read more about the thoughts on this system on this link: Words of Wisdom. If you're wondering about some identification code what it means, here's a (non-complete) list:

Information about this project


How it al started..

In 2003 I first saw the site: Nurses uniforms - past and present. I found it very interesting because I'm interested in history. I started collecting the images I liked. At that time I had an old modem so I could not be too long on the Internet, so I saved pages but I could not see when I was offline. Early on, I noticed that there was very little guidance is available on the website, so I was producing my own website.

In 2004 I started my own online website. This I did with FrontPage Express, a free software from Microsoft. I could see images and store pages. I still was not happy with it because it was very ugly and what I wanted could not be done. I began a tutorial html and css and its validation at the w3c. My first online site was brought online at wanadoo.

In 2006 or 2007 I created a website with XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.1 validated according to the standards of the W3C. Of these, I made several versions. In 2009 I began experimenting with openoffice.org base to stop the images in a database. But unfortunately, the database could not be connected to the html files. In 2010 I created my first website in PHP and MYSQL. I first converted the old site to the new. Then I taught myself programming, object oriented programming (OOP) and made several classes.

Today, the website was created using OOP php, mysql, xhtml and css 2.1. Over time I made different websites and i named things in the air such as: light, moon, sun, blue sky, gray sky and the current version is called autumn day.

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Sharing the pictures

This website is intended as a non-profit Internet resource for the community. The website and its content is not protected by a copyright or copyleft . Everyone is free to store images and / or copy it.

All images ( except the logo) come from the website Nurse uniforms past and present. If you use images from this website on other websites I would like that this website is quoted.